Proper Washing Technique - Exterior Washing

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Proper Washing Technique - Exterior Washing

First Step of Detailing

The first step of detailing is washing the exterior of the vehicle before prepping for any further detailing. Even, top detailers advise there is a proper technique: If you follow these steps It will ensure that you are always washing your vehicle properly and reducing the risk of scratches and swirl marks.
  1. Start by thoroughly rinsing the vehicle with water from top to bottom to ensure any loose dirt, soil, impediments are removed before using a microfiber wash mitt. Using pressure washer machine use up to 2200 psi max.
  2. Spray with Mega Foam, Car Wash or Wash and Wax using Spray Foam Gun. Right after spray foaming the entire vehicle - use a wool wash mitt or a microfiber wash mitt - to hand wash the vehicle from top to bottom. We recommend using two buckets one with clear water (for rinsing the wash mitts right after to get the dirt out) and another one with a soap in it. CAUTION - DO NOT - wash the vehicle outside at sunny weather. It will leave water spots/hard water. Most of the professional detailers do not recommend washing the vehicle outside unless it’s under the tan or something.
  3. Rinse the vehicle from top to bottom with lower pressure.
  4. Dry with Water Sprite or Soft Microfiber Towel. DO NOT - let it dry by itself as it may cause to have water spots afterward.

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